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In today’s competitive world, basic academic qualification alone is not sufficient to get employed. What basic education imparts is necessary background knowledge in relevant domains. The need of traditional education is indisputable. However, to compete in the job market, candidates need to build strong foundation in quantitative and statistical abilities, logical reasoning, critical thinking, verbal abilities along with domain specific knowledge such finance, economics and humanities. In DronAcademy, we understand that our students come from a diverse background. Some students completed their schooling in vernacular medium such as Bengali and Hindi. Some students did not have Mathematics in high school or graduation. Some students need special guidance for logical reasoning or English language. We understand the needs of our students. And, therefore, the combination of our carefully crafted pedagogy, an innovative delivery mechanism and personal guidance for each and every student helps them to succeed in competitive examinations at all levels.

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We have designed the course after dedicated research, accumulating valuable insights from academicians who have spent years in coaching students for competitive exams. To succeed in competitive examination, it is important to understand the examination pattern and ‘crack the code’ of the exam. We have analyzed the patters and questions from the past years to carefully select topics and sub topics and prepare our course material. We help students to develop concepts on ‘things that matter’. The study materials have been crafted after in depth analysis of syllabi of different examinations. These materials are handed over to the students from time to time.


Our delivery framework includes a steady academic rigor and constant practice that makes the student ready for the final competitive examination right from day one. Every day, a fifteen minute class test precedes the Lecture and followed by answers being discussed in the class itself by the concerned faculty. The Class test helps student as well as the faculty to keep a track individual progress. From time to time, we organize doubt clearing sessions which gives our students opportunity to catch up with the speed of the program. In our delivery framework, we also include a package called DronSkills that specifically develops skillsets giving a competitive advantage to students in job market.

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Vedic Mathematics
  • Pattern Recognitions
  • Maths Puzzles
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Parallel Thinking
  • Verbal Abilities
  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Humanities
  • Finance


We don’t teach; We Coach. And as an integral part of our coaching methodology, we ensure that each and every student is able to learn and upgrade their skillsets. We keep a track of every student in their daily and weekly tests. We analyze these results and identify the areas of strength and weakness. We then prepare additional guidance map to support each student in their weak areas. We are also careful about our students who are coming from non-mathematics and vernacular back ground. We provide separate classes for science students and non-science students. This is to ensure that students who did not have mathematics in their higher secondary (or equivalent) can benefit from personal hand holding by the faculties.

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